Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dar dar.. "saboed" by the Singapore Furniture Association.. standing on the chair for being the daring one of the table..

Cow print chair..

Romantic CompatibilityProvided by

Gemini & Scorpio

When Gemini and Scorpio come together in a love affair, they'll need to learn to understand and accept one another's differences -- and if they can, they will be a nearly unbreakable couple. Where Gemini is adaptable, intellectual, outgoing and chatty, Scorpio tends to be secretive, focused, intense and determined. Gemini tends to take things lightly, including their lover; Scorpio, on the other hand, has a very deep need for emotional connection and intimacy. Scorpio is generally very loyal to their lover and very connected to the relationship.

This relationship tends to be highly passionate and can often be characterized by arguments; Gemini loves a good debate, considering it the epitome of mental stimulation, and that characteristic Gemini flirtatiousness tends to grate on Scorpio's jealous, possessive nerves. Despite these differences, however, this is no dull relationship. Both Signs love to take chances and spice it up! They have lots of adventures together, but if things get too tense and arguments start to turn negative, they must make the effort to reconcile if they value the relationship and want it to last.

Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury (Communication) and Scorpio is dually ruled by the Planets Mars (Passion) and Pluto (Power). Scorpio is generally quite concerned with sexual and emotional intimacy; they need much reassurance that their lover values the relationship as much as they do. Thank goodness, then, for Gemini's excellent communicative abilities; the Twins should have no trouble communicating their dedication to the Scorpion -- if it's dedication they feel. Gemini can't and won't fake a commitment they don't feel, so intense Scorpio must learn to back off a bit. Gemini will certainly make a commitment to a love relationship, but only if they're free to do so on their own, not coerced into it.

Gemini is an Air Sign and Scorpio is a Water Sign. These two elements can be a great combination; after all, the best decisions are made when they incorporate the intellect (Air) and the emotions (Water) -- the mind and the heart. The trick, of course, is getting these two elements to work in tandem. Scorpio is a master strategist; if there's a decision to be made or a project at hand, they can help flighty Gemini focus on the best options. Gemini, in turn, teaches Scorpio to let go and move on when their efforts are thwarted. There is a downside to these two elements' union, however; Scorpio's emotional manipulations can prove to dampen Gemini's natural energy and enthusiasm. Also, airy Gemini can leave Scorpio's deep waters feeling choppy, rough and disturbed.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign and Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Gemini tends to do things on a whim, just for the experience, contrary to Scorpio, who almost always has a plan (or an ulterior motive) in mind. Scorpio can use their focus and determination to help teach Gemini the value in finishing things before jumping headlong into the next experience. Once these two begin to understand that they can enjoy a satisfying relationship -- Gemini providing the reasoning and brain power and Scorpio bringing their healthy dollop of sex appeal, emotionalism and passion -- they can enjoy a truly mutually satisfying relationship.

What's the best aspect of the Gemini-Scorpio relationship? The strength they have when they function as a unit. They are both winners who refuse to give up, making theirs a relationship that never settles for second best.

"When the rain comes and the pond overflows, you better swim properly you know"

*quoted from the comic book of "Army Daze, Kinokuniya Dar and dar Sunday 26th February 2006"

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Making Love: Sex?

With the tammi contraversy and increasing open minds.. the age people *read: Singaporeans are losing their virginity is getting smaller and smaller.

I remember my time when everyone was decent and such things were scandulous which rendered almost no respect for oneself then..

Last night after HIPING four times... about a total of 6 hours give and take, I went to Sound Bar with Momo to meet her cousins.. Mostly guys, there were Anthony and his gf, Eugene and Audrey, Nicholas, Samuel, Zachery...

We took to mostly hanging out with Samuel who is like only 19 and Momo's mom's favourite Nephew of the Lees. He's like this cute and adorable kiddo who seems to have an interesting and entertaining life not to mention the Jap boy look with his small eyes and tinted brown big hair *yes big hair, rebonded actually.. hahah.

While smoking, Momo and I decided to question him on guys and their *chiting behaviour and was amazed at his answer, given his young age.. He's a decent kid who is still innocent and I felt bad that Momo and I were conversing on such topics though I believe in time to come, he'll never forget attending a lesson on the University of Life @ Momo School..He'll have us to thank, you'll see in time..

In today's society, pre-marital sex, flings of one-night stands, casusal sex or sleeping with your partner.. I wonder, is it the art of having sex or making love? If it refers to making love, then do you love the person you are having sex with, if it is a one-night stand? I think not.. I think flings and casual sex are just sex. Whereas having sex with your partner *read: relationship refers to making love.. That is to say, when your parents had sex *read made love which resulted in your mother's pregnancy and you being born.. that was the art of making love.. cos you are their love.. and hence made with love.

*Damn. I think I am just blabbering. This does not make no sense..

Slut I am..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Vday chocolates! Decked in rainbow sprinkles..

It is better to chit than be chited on..

*a certain word changed so as not to sound so rude and disgusting

I drew this conclusion yesterday..

I spoke to a certain someone and realised that he chited on me when we were together. This really amazed me and my friends especially since he seemed so devoted to me and we spent almost all our free time together..I must say that I was not surprised...

I'm not mad.. Our relationship is over. I probably realised I felt alright since it only started after I chited on him...and the fact that he did it out of spite. I know that it doesn't matter but I know that indirectly, I won the battle by chiting first. By chiting with certain fellows and chiting without .... , with no money involved, I emerged victorious in my chits..

I'm like so dead. I am adopting the mentality of the title of this entry. In my new love.. I feel so happy and loved. Yet, there is always this insecurity that in today's modern facade, chiting is the norm. I never ever want to revert to my past misdoings. Yet, is there really such true and pure love and innocent people? I still have my doubts. The world is such a cruel place. It is still difficult to endure the pains of being the victim..The thoughts of being stupid enough to trust the other person..

Whether it is a game or a gamble, I never want to be the loser..

Love, lies, lust and life.. What's to understand?

*note: words have different definitions and convey different meanings to different people. No one is in place to judge.

How I love myself.. Mahjong session at gramps.. On the last day of lunar new year.. :) I won money!!

Love me, love me for eternity..

Momo's response to my blog

Hhaha sounds like some lyrics off a madonna song
does "happily ever after" really exist in the real world?
The only perfect circle is a baby's eyes, after tht its all becomes a downward spiral. r we all borne happy into a world tht makes us otherwise?

"Tell me, tell me now.. Lie to me, Lie forever"

I'm having a splitting headache. Suddenly, I seem to have awaken from my happily every after dreams. Is it the negativity or frustration within me speaking *typing* out loud?

Sometimes, I just want him to care more. I want his attention + love + care that nobody enjoys. However, I reckon that love does not equate to attention and everyone needs their own private time and space..

Love seems to be a lie. It promises to be all encompassing and not overbearing... In reality, how often can you find pure and innocent love. I found from Jer that maybe she and dddd are experiencing it. However, aren't you missing out on all the fun things in life? Like lies and deceit * yeah right *slaps thyself Jacqueline: these are the wrong things that no one should experience. Well.. without lies and deceit, life's not that interesting and mysterious always.

Love. Lies. Life..

The 3 'Ls' I can't seem to figure..

Darn, I have a headache and feel weak.. I want to go drink. Am I that kind of girl who's independent enough to go ruff some feathers of her own or the clingy kind to her boyfriend? *the former probably, my boyfriend's not the clingy kind..

"If i think you're the one, will you be mine for this life?"
Sent an hour and 20 minutes ago.. still no reply..
Whatever the answer maybe, affirmative or otherwise, perhaps only time will tell..

Guess i'm feelin needy.. or is it pms..

Whatever. Go fark a tree.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WWL's wise words

"ask urself what u really want lor... sigh... love is not a feeling. it's a decision.becos love doesnt last forever. humans are never satisified. They last after things even a simple top. who can guarantee a marriage will last? Love is a gamble. You can last after other men but in the end you can still choose to stay with your partner. Marriage is not about 2 love birds actually. it's abt 2 ppl integrating perfectly. the one you lvoe might not be the one u love the msot in the end. it's jsut that this eprson came at the right time and able to provide with what you want... shrugs. marriage is nothing but a ceremony"


Everyday, change is being introduced. Be it a hair cut, the change of clothes.. I hate changes.. Major changes that are not to my benefit...

I went for fresh air with a colleague yesterday and I was talking to her about relationships. We agreed that change hurts most when your partner's feelings towards you change but your feelings towards him/her never ever wavered.

I feel insecure. I try to curb it. Tell myself that it will go away. But it never did..Am I trying to cover up? I have a tendency to flare up when something happens. If I do not do something about it at that moment, then I probably wouldn't. I'll just sweep it under the carpet until the next time, the same problem comes up again. I was never a sweeper. My advice to others was to always solve the problem there and then so that it will never resurface to hurt again. Apparently however, EASIER SAID THAN DONE. I question myself why I fail to adhere to my own advice. Simply because, I am not alone in the mess. Everything, I have to consider the external factors, including the feelings of the other person involved.

I miss the electricity which used to shock me. The kind of vibes that you have when you lust after another person. Doesn't matter if it actually works out anot..

Darn.. I need a HIP.. I hate routines. I'm spontaneous and simply ..


I'm listening to Armour Infinitus now..
*imagine a girl listening to this song, whose partner's feelings for her have changed...
Please, please don't Go..
Don't tell me that it's over..
Why do u go?
Tears are in my eyes..
Fade away ..
Fade away
Don't fade away
Please tell me that you'll stay...
Won't you stay with me forever?
Don't fade away...
I need alcohol and a little fresh air..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blog Blog Blog...

Quote from WWL's blog, "Should I live for the moment or think about the future" - Someone's nick on msn..

"I'd rather fuck a tree"

This was a a line I came up with when talking to my best friend, the infamous Momo Lee.

I've been doing a lot of thinking. I think that people nowdays are not satisfied. They always think that the grass is greener on the other side. I am no doubt one of them. I always want what others have/I don't have at times. I think it's a good thing because it makes you work hard for them. Then again, you can never have enough.

I've got so many things i wanna blog about..

I just want to list down the blogs I read:

I went shopping during lunch with crazy owl who came to buy me dim sum @ Tung Lok tea house. I contributed to lunch with my $10 voucher.

We went shopping @ designer PUMA after the lunch, at the shop VENUE which is on the way to the Patissiere at Ann Siang Hill.. I bought a top and a pink skirt and it was like 500 buckaroos. I got ticked off by JER and JEN for spending. But 50% discount is my weak argument.

My best friend's comments when asking me for my budget for shopping, "u can get quite crazy when it comes to buying, gotta check w u just in case."

Note to crazy owl's friends: BF and CB: stop spying on me!!

Quote by J marshmellow which wowed me today!
"Yeah I understand, it's like the thing bothers you like a speck in the eye'

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Coach, her secretary and her lil coachees.. My rank: no. 2!

Lunch @ Beng Thin on 8/2/06

Louie and me on 3/2/06


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It's a Wednesday morningz.. Dad's flew to KL and Nana had to fetch me to work today..

She parked at Shaw Centre.. On the way, I kept scouting for cabs..

My left thigh/hip/buttocks ache like mad!! For what reason, I don't know.. though I think that it may have something to do with the way I sat when I was uploading photos from Dar's camera...

Work's piling up... *Pls pls, don't let the deadline be February...* I have some looney clients though..

Today, black face is returning home......touching down at Eight pm at the Changi International Airport...

Our lalala days are over..

My dar's favourite song, "Dardar Ong is a Lala Ong.. Everyday, he lalala.. Lalala lalala"

I had a good weekend...


My poor dar was sick...I stayed in office until 8 remember?

Met up with postman and Louie..

I'm glad I feel like I can let go of Louie now..

I no longer feel that he is Mine...

Checked with G on Dar's status..

In came the sms..

"He's dying in office"

OMG.. I rushed after buying Rochor beancurd and black jelly for G, Eric and Dar...

Left @ 2 am.. after awaiting G and Eric to finish their work in case dar fell asleep and I couldn't lock the door..

Dar was up of course!!


Watched "Finding Nemo" with dar...

Went shopping for scrapbooking staff with dar, made a few scrapbooking pages...

Took the MRT from Little India to Dhoby Ghaut for the first time...

Had MOS burger.. *craving for terriyaki chicken..

Answered and did Momo's little experiment..

Momo's quote of the day, "What Momo wants, momo gets..."


Went to Lo Hei with family.. After rejecting Momo's date thrice..

Met up with Momo for tea.. Had strawberry tea @ Bakerz Inn @ Paragon... Bought some stickers...

Headed home for porridge and Ham and cheese..

A twist of events:-


Tiger balm got into my eyes!! It smarts!!


Met dar after work.. Our last day of lalala.. becos.. dreaded Bao Gong is returning...

Tabao sushi tei: Lobster don, maguro sushi, ebi mentai and terriyaki chicken and took a cab to dar's office to surprise him!!

Used my AE platinum .. heheh

I couldn't get a cab home at 1030pm.. Called and the stupid cab took so long to come.. by the time I reached home, it was 11+...


There was a huge cockroach on the cabinet when I was bathing..

I had to EVACUATE the toilet, with conditioner in my hair and a towel wrapped around my dripping wet body while mom combat the dreaded cockroach in the toilet..

Had to move to the other loo to shower.. Mind you, it was 11+ at nite..

So beat.. Called Jer and discussed what to wear tomorrow because we have the ahem.. coachee lunch at my childhood family restaurant, Beng Thin.... @ OCBC centre South..

Hung up and called dar... and both Jer and dar mms/sms and called..

I'm so beat............

Friday, February 03, 2006

Time Goes By.. So Slowly..

It is Friday evening.. the 6th day of the Lunar New Year.. Everyone is away except 4 more other ladies in the office.. I am the 5th one..

Isn't it weird how on Fridays when everyone is off enjoying the start of the weekend and I am left in the office..

Don't ask me why.. Mondays to Thursdays.. Zoom.. I am out.. Most of the time, I try to work very hard during Mondays to Thursdays to clock more hours so that I do not have to come in on Fridays and thus enjoy a loonng weekend..

I'm blogging now.. so that by the time it turns Eight, I do not have to pay the extra charge to take a cab to my empty house...

WHY!! WHY am I alone on this Chingay-rehearsal Friday??

1. Because my Dar is sick and he is resting in the office and his stupid partner wants to start work at 8 pm when it is an auspicious hour and I should not be around to disturb (which I agree)

2. Dad and mom went for a gathering with their old-time friends to Lo-Hei..

3. Nana went out ..

Thus leaving me behind..

Momo is out with Angelia.. I should go and meet them later..

I am moving with a weary heart, almost seeming to wallow in depressision.

Is it that time of the month again? PMS?

I think so.. How to snap out of it?

Momo and I were conversing on the topic of getting married.

I feel like it's time where I want to venture on that step.. but then again, I don't think the people (my Dar, my family and friends) think that I am ready for it..

Then again, can you ever be ready for marriage?

Or rather, does the coming of age symbolise when you should get married?

To-me, marriage seems the "normal" thing that you should do..

People should get married for companionship and for the sake of pro-creation............

Then again, will you ever tire of your chosen one?

Will you be one day sick of him/her and through your roving eyes turn to someone else? Even if you say no, can you guarantee that your chosen one will not do so?

No one knows.. Period. I hate this feeling whereby only Time has the answer and I am not able to do anything about it...

To me, time, how long you have spent together, the age you are at should not affect your marriage plans.. Whoever said that a marriage based on a short term relationship would never work out and vice versa?

I was together with him for 4 years.. yet, it didn't work out..

Marriage is like a gamble.. Who does not want to win this game?

I know dar does not treat our relationship like a game and always emphasizes that it is not about winning and losing and you should concentrate on loving the person....

I am still trying to straighten out my thoughts on this marriage thing..

I think I want my own personal space.. my own living space.. my own right to do whatever I want.. *bring guys home? think again...

More importantly, I feel that I am at the cross-roads of my life..

Although now I feel that each minute of working time passes by so slowly, I cannot deny that time has cruelly passed on me.. I am the quarter of a century old this year.. and I have no idea what I want in life..

Dar is right, things in life do not go according to expectations. It seems fated in life that things have happened the way it has for a reason and you aren't able to do anything about it except to accept it..

Sigh.. some things seem meant to be..

I always thought I knew what I wanted. Seems now that I really don't...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Qi er dar dar and qi er bao bei.. So in love..

I just love taking photos

Dar toking to his mama



Us.. on Day 3 of the Dog Year..

Dar, after his shower..

Reading my collectors' edition in Dar's office on Day 3 of the Lunar new year..

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