Saturday, February 25, 2006

Making Love: Sex?

With the tammi contraversy and increasing open minds.. the age people *read: Singaporeans are losing their virginity is getting smaller and smaller.

I remember my time when everyone was decent and such things were scandulous which rendered almost no respect for oneself then..

Last night after HIPING four times... about a total of 6 hours give and take, I went to Sound Bar with Momo to meet her cousins.. Mostly guys, there were Anthony and his gf, Eugene and Audrey, Nicholas, Samuel, Zachery...

We took to mostly hanging out with Samuel who is like only 19 and Momo's mom's favourite Nephew of the Lees. He's like this cute and adorable kiddo who seems to have an interesting and entertaining life not to mention the Jap boy look with his small eyes and tinted brown big hair *yes big hair, rebonded actually.. hahah.

While smoking, Momo and I decided to question him on guys and their *chiting behaviour and was amazed at his answer, given his young age.. He's a decent kid who is still innocent and I felt bad that Momo and I were conversing on such topics though I believe in time to come, he'll never forget attending a lesson on the University of Life @ Momo School..He'll have us to thank, you'll see in time..

In today's society, pre-marital sex, flings of one-night stands, casusal sex or sleeping with your partner.. I wonder, is it the art of having sex or making love? If it refers to making love, then do you love the person you are having sex with, if it is a one-night stand? I think not.. I think flings and casual sex are just sex. Whereas having sex with your partner *read: relationship refers to making love.. That is to say, when your parents had sex *read made love which resulted in your mother's pregnancy and you being born.. that was the art of making love.. cos you are their love.. and hence made with love.

*Damn. I think I am just blabbering. This does not make no sense..

Slut I am..


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