Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Tell me, tell me now.. Lie to me, Lie forever"

I'm having a splitting headache. Suddenly, I seem to have awaken from my happily every after dreams. Is it the negativity or frustration within me speaking *typing* out loud?

Sometimes, I just want him to care more. I want his attention + love + care that nobody enjoys. However, I reckon that love does not equate to attention and everyone needs their own private time and space..

Love seems to be a lie. It promises to be all encompassing and not overbearing... In reality, how often can you find pure and innocent love. I found from Jer that maybe she and dddd are experiencing it. However, aren't you missing out on all the fun things in life? Like lies and deceit * yeah right *slaps thyself Jacqueline: these are the wrong things that no one should experience. Well.. without lies and deceit, life's not that interesting and mysterious always.

Love. Lies. Life..

The 3 'Ls' I can't seem to figure..

Darn, I have a headache and feel weak.. I want to go drink. Am I that kind of girl who's independent enough to go ruff some feathers of her own or the clingy kind to her boyfriend? *the former probably, my boyfriend's not the clingy kind..

"If i think you're the one, will you be mine for this life?"
Sent an hour and 20 minutes ago.. still no reply..
Whatever the answer maybe, affirmative or otherwise, perhaps only time will tell..

Guess i'm feelin needy.. or is it pms..

Whatever. Go fark a tree.


Blogger Valjoux7733 said...

If you think that I'm the one, then I'll be yours forever.

10:25 AM  

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