Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It's a Wednesday morningz.. Dad's flew to KL and Nana had to fetch me to work today..

She parked at Shaw Centre.. On the way, I kept scouting for cabs..

My left thigh/hip/buttocks ache like mad!! For what reason, I don't know.. though I think that it may have something to do with the way I sat when I was uploading photos from Dar's camera...

Work's piling up... *Pls pls, don't let the deadline be February...* I have some looney clients though..

Today, black face is returning home......touching down at Eight pm at the Changi International Airport...

Our lalala days are over..

My dar's favourite song, "Dardar Ong is a Lala Ong.. Everyday, he lalala.. Lalala lalala"

I had a good weekend...


My poor dar was sick...I stayed in office until 8 remember?

Met up with postman and Louie..

I'm glad I feel like I can let go of Louie now..

I no longer feel that he is Mine...

Checked with G on Dar's status..

In came the sms..

"He's dying in office"

OMG.. I rushed after buying Rochor beancurd and black jelly for G, Eric and Dar...

Left @ 2 am.. after awaiting G and Eric to finish their work in case dar fell asleep and I couldn't lock the door..

Dar was up of course!!


Watched "Finding Nemo" with dar...

Went shopping for scrapbooking staff with dar, made a few scrapbooking pages...

Took the MRT from Little India to Dhoby Ghaut for the first time...

Had MOS burger.. *craving for terriyaki chicken..

Answered and did Momo's little experiment..

Momo's quote of the day, "What Momo wants, momo gets..."


Went to Lo Hei with family.. After rejecting Momo's date thrice..

Met up with Momo for tea.. Had strawberry tea @ Bakerz Inn @ Paragon... Bought some stickers...

Headed home for porridge and Ham and cheese..

A twist of events:-


Tiger balm got into my eyes!! It smarts!!


Met dar after work.. Our last day of lalala.. becos.. dreaded Bao Gong is returning...

Tabao sushi tei: Lobster don, maguro sushi, ebi mentai and terriyaki chicken and took a cab to dar's office to surprise him!!

Used my AE platinum .. heheh

I couldn't get a cab home at 1030pm.. Called and the stupid cab took so long to come.. by the time I reached home, it was 11+...


There was a huge cockroach on the cabinet when I was bathing..

I had to EVACUATE the toilet, with conditioner in my hair and a towel wrapped around my dripping wet body while mom combat the dreaded cockroach in the toilet..

Had to move to the other loo to shower.. Mind you, it was 11+ at nite..

So beat.. Called Jer and discussed what to wear tomorrow because we have the ahem.. coachee lunch at my childhood family restaurant, Beng Thin.... @ OCBC centre South..

Hung up and called dar... and both Jer and dar mms/sms and called..

I'm so beat............


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