Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Everyday, change is being introduced. Be it a hair cut, the change of clothes.. I hate changes.. Major changes that are not to my benefit...

I went for fresh air with a colleague yesterday and I was talking to her about relationships. We agreed that change hurts most when your partner's feelings towards you change but your feelings towards him/her never ever wavered.

I feel insecure. I try to curb it. Tell myself that it will go away. But it never did..Am I trying to cover up? I have a tendency to flare up when something happens. If I do not do something about it at that moment, then I probably wouldn't. I'll just sweep it under the carpet until the next time, the same problem comes up again. I was never a sweeper. My advice to others was to always solve the problem there and then so that it will never resurface to hurt again. Apparently however, EASIER SAID THAN DONE. I question myself why I fail to adhere to my own advice. Simply because, I am not alone in the mess. Everything, I have to consider the external factors, including the feelings of the other person involved.

I miss the electricity which used to shock me. The kind of vibes that you have when you lust after another person. Doesn't matter if it actually works out anot..

Darn.. I need a HIP.. I hate routines. I'm spontaneous and simply ..


I'm listening to Armour Infinitus now..
*imagine a girl listening to this song, whose partner's feelings for her have changed...
Please, please don't Go..
Don't tell me that it's over..
Why do u go?
Tears are in my eyes..
Fade away ..
Fade away
Don't fade away
Please tell me that you'll stay...
Won't you stay with me forever?
Don't fade away...
I need alcohol and a little fresh air..


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