Thursday, February 23, 2006

It is better to chit than be chited on..

*a certain word changed so as not to sound so rude and disgusting

I drew this conclusion yesterday..

I spoke to a certain someone and realised that he chited on me when we were together. This really amazed me and my friends especially since he seemed so devoted to me and we spent almost all our free time together..I must say that I was not surprised...

I'm not mad.. Our relationship is over. I probably realised I felt alright since it only started after I chited on him...and the fact that he did it out of spite. I know that it doesn't matter but I know that indirectly, I won the battle by chiting first. By chiting with certain fellows and chiting without .... , with no money involved, I emerged victorious in my chits..

I'm like so dead. I am adopting the mentality of the title of this entry. In my new love.. I feel so happy and loved. Yet, there is always this insecurity that in today's modern facade, chiting is the norm. I never ever want to revert to my past misdoings. Yet, is there really such true and pure love and innocent people? I still have my doubts. The world is such a cruel place. It is still difficult to endure the pains of being the victim..The thoughts of being stupid enough to trust the other person..

Whether it is a game or a gamble, I never want to be the loser..

Love, lies, lust and life.. What's to understand?

*note: words have different definitions and convey different meanings to different people. No one is in place to judge.


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