Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dar's 30th birthday celebrations at where else? Thumper @ Goodwood park on Friday, 26/05/2006.. (sneaked out during reservist eh!)

Deejay An with my favourite Kelvin and James..

Dar and his qi er bao bei..

Don't we look nice in our matching clothes?

Andy made me high that nite!

Jimmy and a sheepish dar..

Eric and Andy the early birds..

Birthday boy-man, Eric and Andy..

Jimmy, Christopher and his highness..

Alan with his supersonic belt that nite...

Grace and me..

My Kelvin and me...

Smile and laugh..

Designscale bosses and employees...

Dar and George..

Dar in Hokkien: i donch wan i donch wan

Pole dance Quek and moi..

Tony, me and George.. they were so nice to snap shots after i was super high and look after my hp, camera, me and dar..

George and me (My face looks fat!)


Me. dar and Kelvin..

Dar, Chris, me, Jimmy & Kelvin..


1st waterfall of the night... (Chris to me: U're the gf.. u must help..Me to Dar: I help you loh..*hee)

the "spit-back" waterfall with Chris looking on (sponsored by Christopher, Jimmy and Kelvin)

Tony Heng ("I'm your daddy. Gleneagles pte joke")

Terrence (TL's colleague), Janice, Stephanie and Andy...

Greorgie Worgie..

I'm red but still ready...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oui! Y so long..

the flame that sends us in tremors

I'm hung on you..

Lighting it up

the last of 3 complimentary waterfalls from Mollie, Ashok and the absent Aaron..

water falling..

Own up! whoever snapped this

Andy -> my lil sheep

the fat ol' bitch who stared at me.. drunk.. hhahaha.. look at helpful andy!

my back my back.. spot what's on my neck?

sprawling.. actually just crawling over the seats of strangers

me and tony

IP - 45th floor.. view from the door

City view

the main door and living room. i like the space.. no walls no blockage

the master bed room

Can you see the true me?


messy us

below his blues...

the most ideal place for peace and quiet...

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