Monday, September 04, 2006

Us, in my room, taken by Nana..

This post was not co-ordinated nor
synchronized at all. Simply telepathy!

Backtrack: Friday, 01/09/2006

People don't say angry things when they're mad. It's the only time they speak from their heart...

Y are anniversaries meant for quarrelling?

What goes around comes around

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The thing about coming home soon is that..

We are both talking about fruits. But I'm talking apples and he's going bananas...

Weekend of fun.. only with you...

We had our 11 month anniversary on Friday..

oNLy to argue over a silly thumbdrive..

I ordered cupcakes which came late and cried myself silly in office..

The cupcakes were ultra-pretty! But without you, they're nothing...

Went to Thumper with bitch of the month, Janet then to Velvet with Isabel and Peggy (she owns a rush and sprays Gucci Rush perfume in a car as an air freshener) then back to Thumper

Sat came and I went to supposedly test out the Toyata Rush..

But there was no Rush up for test driving at the parallel importers!

I love the Lexus jeep... Honda Fit is pretty cheap and affordable at $44,800 before COE//

Went to meet dar at shawn's shop and talked to lucy, gina and gabriel....

Left for suntec with dar and got 3 pairs of shoes from VNC!

They're damn cheap considering that the stupid 9west shoes I returned could buy me those 3 pairs with change leftover!!

Had to go to Harbour front on Sunday to collect the other 2 pairs of shoes...

Had SPICY tom yam soup with rice, prawn patties and fruit punch at Asian Kitchen @ Marina Square. Dar had the pork chop noodles. Was fantabulous.

Left for office........ Nana was nice enough to fetch me home..

Sunday - had dinner at dar's .. brought along the cupcakes and Kyoho grapes. Ah la Mode loved them!!

Oohh lala was the most fabulous that nite.. and we took a lot of photos after our ta bao hor fun, ribs and tofu dinner!!

Here they are!!

Oh my goodness.. time has flown by and already my youth is fading...

Gone seems to be all my innocent times...

Now, everyday, without fail, some person will come up to me and ask me "...When are you getting MARRIED?"

Why? Why? Am I of the marriagable age? Or do I have the left on the shelf look? Or do they feel that it's time my dar dar and I tie the knot?


I still have fun times to enjoy right?


So maybe I should start asking my dar dar... "So when are you going to marry me?" ya?


and the ball.. is no longer in my court...


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