Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend of fun.. only with you...

We had our 11 month anniversary on Friday..

oNLy to argue over a silly thumbdrive..

I ordered cupcakes which came late and cried myself silly in office..

The cupcakes were ultra-pretty! But without you, they're nothing...

Went to Thumper with bitch of the month, Janet then to Velvet with Isabel and Peggy (she owns a rush and sprays Gucci Rush perfume in a car as an air freshener) then back to Thumper

Sat came and I went to supposedly test out the Toyata Rush..

But there was no Rush up for test driving at the parallel importers!

I love the Lexus jeep... Honda Fit is pretty cheap and affordable at $44,800 before COE//

Went to meet dar at shawn's shop and talked to lucy, gina and gabriel....

Left for suntec with dar and got 3 pairs of shoes from VNC!

They're damn cheap considering that the stupid 9west shoes I returned could buy me those 3 pairs with change leftover!!

Had to go to Harbour front on Sunday to collect the other 2 pairs of shoes...

Had SPICY tom yam soup with rice, prawn patties and fruit punch at Asian Kitchen @ Marina Square. Dar had the pork chop noodles. Was fantabulous.

Left for office........ Nana was nice enough to fetch me home..

Sunday - had dinner at dar's .. brought along the cupcakes and Kyoho grapes. Ah la Mode loved them!!

Oohh lala was the most fabulous that nite.. and we took a lot of photos after our ta bao hor fun, ribs and tofu dinner!!

Here they are!!


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