Sunday, January 08, 2006

Heavy Rain, Monday Blues, Holidays..

It rained the whole of yesterday. I felt like crap...I was packing and surfing and trying to photoshop some photos..

I don't think I look like crap.. My dar and friends think I am getting prettier in fact.. Ruru said my make-up looks natural although dar said that putting yellow glittery eyeshadow to lighten the dark rings (*if i have any) makes me look sickly..

So mean rite?

I am hooked on this show..

When rules turn loose...I dunno what is the show below..

I like the fact that Dar supports me in extending my learning curve..
Push me back to my law and take my masters...

Thanks dar for changing and encouraging me...

Without you, the rain will not stop pouring..
Without you, the sun will stop shining..
With you, even dark clouds have silver linings...
Nothing without you makes me happy...

Postman msned me last nite.. and asked me how are things with dar..
Yes, we've been together already and I have moved on..
I don't want to look back...
I don't want all that crap back..
I've lost my ties to Louie..
I only yearn to look forward
and get my dog with Dar...
Most definitely not a dachshund..
But a dog I *we will most definitely love..

It's Monday again..
I'm not working..
I'm struggling to work...
I just wade in and out of the web pages..
When my bosses come over to spy on me..
I act busy at work..
When I am actually day dreaming in my world...

Attended a wedding last night and think..
I must start to be selective about the weddings I attend..
I hate weddings...
But I will love and plan my own..
Why am I such a selfish pig?
Not that I have attended many..
Rejected some..
Haha that's funny..
With each wedding experience I learn,
what must not go wrong..
Proper speeches..
Proper planning..
Goes a long way..

What happened to tradition?
I thought we Yam Seng at every table?
Don't be so shocked..
My dar wants to do the 'Axe gang dance' as seen in 'Kung-Fu Hustle' starring Stephen Chow at the wedding..

He's strange isn't he..

Yea I know..

I'm heading to Minds Cafe with my sis, cousins and cousin-in-law later..

Hope it'll be a blast..

I feel hungry and greedy..

Going for paper steamboat soon if the hands on the clock will run faster..

I yearn for a tai tai life..

To play mahjong and go shopping..

Will that ever come true?

I wish, i hope, i pray on a star tonite..

Tomorrow's the first time dar will be eating dinner with the Yaps.. @ Sub Moon!!

Yea.. yummy.. Kyoho grape juice, kyo-dango, Foie Gras, Crab and sashimi, tempura, lobster..

My fave...

Ok, must go to work..

Half the day is gone..

I have only charged half hour and that is to WO..

Owww... crap...


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