Friday, January 06, 2006


When you think of someone in the morning, it's MISS,
When you think of someone in the afternoon, it's LIKE,
When you think of someone at night, it's LUST..
When you think of someone day and night, it's LOVE..


We went through all odds, following our fate to come together..
It may seem late but it is worthwhile..

I have to say that although most think that I am good with words and can lash out like nobody's business..

I've been having writer's block all this while..

I want to blog..

I want to express how I feel..

My thoughts fly and I want to catch them..

Capture them and freeze them in my memory..

Spring blooms, autumn moon
Summer breeze and winter snow...

You should only understand men and not love them..
You should only love women and not understand them..

Isn't it true?

2006, we promise not to drink, party and smoke..
2006, we promise not to mention "postman" anymore..
2006, we promise not to swear and curse no more..
2006, we promise to love each other and be nice ...

We are strong people... too strong at times..
We want to dominate.. yet we want to live together..

I've mellowed.. I've been nice..
I want to cherish.. I want to be loved....
I'm tired of arguing...
I'm tired of you being chauvanistic and egoistic..

But if you aren't bad, I won't love you too..
Can I ever make up my fickle mind?

I don't want you to hide.. I want you to come into the light..

2006 is significant...

A new beginning and a fresh start it has been..

That night at Makino, with the fireworks and all our friends.

Our new adventure has began...

We'll take a leap forward...

Dinner with my dad on Tuesday remember?

I'm just afraid...

So afraid..

Will we ever tire of each other?

Will our feelings ever fade?

Should there be a back door?

Am I doomed to dwell in the dark?

No one, not even you can reassure me...

Cos we're no fortune tellers..

We can't see ahead of our time...

Let's just cherish every minute and every hour and bask in the happiness under the light...

With love, hugs and kisses....



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