Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I have a new hair clip that Jermaine and Jennifer admonish..

My new pink leather silver Ferragamo hair clip..

It cost 95 cents *opps dollars..

But it was on sale mah...

My sis and Wei Wei went to choose and buy for me..

I wanted the baby blue one too...




My office administrator fell down yesterday..

I tried to help her by stretching out my hand to pull her up..

But she *die die* want to hold on her papers..

So she fell backwards with her head landing near the dustbin..

And I helped her pick up her glasses before her *big* butt crushed them..

When I went back to think about it,

All I wanted to do was to laugh....

And laugh, I did..

I am so mean...



Last nite, my dar tormented me..

What's it about tattoos?

Tattoos don't harm my health nor that of those around me..

Of course, smoking is worse..

I'll make you get one one day to know the addictiveness of tattooing..

That is if I drug you, or make you very drunk...

Help me still want to be nice to you...

And show me that you love me okay...

I don't forgive nor forget that easily...

Ok, bye...

*sianz in office


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