Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One must Know the rules when dealing with Scorpio


What you should do:Dress up and look good for the Scorpio.

The Scorpion appreciates beauty and sex appeal.

Have a no-holds-barred approach.

The Scorpio will delve into your secrets,anyway.

Don't hold on.

A relationship with the Scorpio is an exciting journey of discovery, so go along!

Be comfortable with the Scorpio gaze.

Squirming will not help!

Share everything with your Scorpio.

This will make for a highly fulfilling relationship.

What you should not do:

Don't ever accuse the Scorpio of playing with your emotions.

The Scorpio promise of fidelity is as good as gold.

The green-eyed monster is the most dangerous part of your relationship.

Try and keep jealousy at bay.

You need to take lessons in handling your emotions with a Scorpio.

Try not to contribute to the emotional fireworks in the relationship.

Don't have a narrow mind.

With the Scorpio, you must be prepared foranything.

Don't ever keep secrets from the Scorpio.

Beautiful You

Do you find people giving you a second look all the time?

Well, they should, for yours is the sign of the slinky seductress!

No other sign has your mystique, so take pride in it.

You are intense, amorous, passionate, and in equal measures, secretive.

You take refuge in your sensuality, and this works very well for you.

An electric sexual energy is almost second nature to you.

But there is a soft side, which you prefer to guard.

You don't go for the musky perfumes as much as you do sweeter essences like vanilla or spicy fragrances like cinnamon.

You love a makeover, don't you?

That is why you don't hesitate a bit to try on the new purple wig, or those long eyelashes.


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