Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Sing the song that is playing in your heart..

Eat and drink the feast you can ever consume..

Drift to the place that you heart takes you to...

Dance the steps your feet make you move..

Live the life that you want to there's no tomorrow..

Many times, life is about choices. The truth and lies are a choice, at least to me.. You can be honest and yet again you can be deceitful. Most fall into the web whereby they think that white lies don't hurt.. But most of the time, the truth doesn't hurt yet the white lies or the process of telling the white lies hurt..

I can't say that I am a completely truthful person. Yet, I can't say that I am downright deceitful. Yet, it is my choice that I'd rather that people be honest with me and hurt my feelings rather than one day, I find out the truth and end up hurting too. True, the possibility that I may not find out the hurting truth one day and so, I will never hurt. But at least, I'd be able to recover better when I know the truth earlier..

Yes, it is also another's choice as to whether he/she wishes to tell me the truth. I have no qualms. And I accept that this world is full of lies. However, I wish and hope (note terms used) that my world can be free of lies - white or black *pun intended. And for all who think that we have a court and judges to find the truth. Please think again. The court is just a place to hold hearings and judges do not ever find out the truth. THE COURT IS NOT A PLACE TO FIND THE TRUTH. Law is based on evidence and on a balance of probabilities and beyond reasonable (NOT ALL) doubt . NO one except the victim and the criminal will ever know the truth. That is why we have the jury who can have different opinions.

I know that I can be selfish at times. I never want you to change for me. Deep down inside, I can only hope and wish that you may change. But these are thoughts which may or may not materialise. I believe that I am entitled to have my opinions and thoughts just like the way that you want to live your life..

Tell me, tell me the truth..

Lie to me, Lie forever....

Whether you want to think that I want to change your life or not, I can't help it. But true enough, most of the times, one's thoughts and opinions tend to block out the views of others..If you understand me enough, then you will know..

Trust is meant to be earned, it does not just develop by itself over time....

From the bottom of my heart, I never stopped trusting you. It's just that certain events may have sunk the level lower than it used to. Not that there's no trust..

Besides, I am not the kind who tends to ponder whether the glass is half-filled or half-empty. I'll either fill the glass if there is water, or empty the glass completely. I am no "Ban tong shui"

As I've told REJ, time can do alot of things. Time can bring about distance. Things like night communication can be wiped out with just a dose of 10 ml of cough syrup. Morning communication can be wiped out with just a day's typical workload..

Communication is yet a choice. Communication can be broken down over time. I never initiated a talk or a quarrel or an apology. If you feel that you have double standards and intend for the "good of everyone to stand by it", then please practise what you preach. Go ahead with no sorrow or apologies. And please, give that another person the right to think or feel how they want..Whether they want to accept it or not, it's their problem.. Understanding is just simply another excuse for them to take your stand...

Don't let anyone decide for you and let you live to regret it...

Signing off.
Yet again,

I'm not mad...I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY..


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