Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Power of You..

Today is the birthday of my special someone..
The one who's been there for me all my life...
Most of the time, just standing in the shadows guiding me through each step I take..
Yet never yearning to ever be recognised.
Who taught me how to endear, persevere, forgive and forget. to learn and understand the importance of good education, diet, exercise, job, the value of money and to save
Who bought me countless of story books, stationery and Macdonalds' Happy Meals when I was young
Who brought me on countless trips to the Zoological Gardens, Night Safari, Bird Park, Crocodile Farm and Sentosa..
Who never restricted my love life..........
Who was there to fetch me home when I was dead drunk
Who has obtained exclusive privileges for me, like scholarships, free movie tickets, movie posters, Velvet membership, branded items when I was a school kid, art festival tickets etc..

Who bought me a mobile phone early in life and upgraded them (i was the first among my friends to get it)
Who bought me a car and golf clubs and sent me for enriching courses - swimming, computer and language classes
Who paid for my trips to Europe for almost 2 months and other places in the world

Who invested my money wisely, gave me good allowances and always was my personal chauffer..
Who put me through good schools and a brillant university education..
Who let me stay on campus and drive...
Who gave me my first credit cards - gold and platinum!
Who let me drink good wine and enjoy the succulence of foie gras ( he brought me to the first MOS Burger and Crystal Jade which opened at Shaw Centre in Singapore before they were big names)
Who never pulled a "I told you so, although he knew best"
Thank you, for all you ever done for me.

Happy Birthday Daddy!
I hope I've done you proud like how I've always been proud of you!


Anonymous Jermaine said...

Happy Birthday Leader of the Bird's Daddy.....

7:31 PM  

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