Monday, December 05, 2005

Our story.. In my own words...

I am still nursing my sprained ankle and am quite bored, least to say..

Dar hung up on me because *i think* his fone ran out of battery.. *either that or he could not tahan my incessant complaining*

So here I am on a Monday night, at home and sitting in front of this one-eyed monster.. and I start to ponder and I start to type... I was looking through the photographs in my computer and I realised that we took quite a few photographs together and am starting to recall those days when we first met.. slightly more than a year ago..

Dar, you said that you were going to show me your memory box.. so I am hoping that here, I can take you down memory lane.. after all, the photos that you "captured" from my previous blog were limited, weren't they? *winks... the photos and words tell a story.. our story.. so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...

21st October 2004, Friday, Venue: Thumper @ Goodwood Park Hotel...

It was one of my first few visits there..

I discovered Thumper from my ex-fling Louis... Thumper only opened in July and was not well known then, to say the least... There was the live band and plenty of space to stand and move around...

I had just returned to the clubbing scene ...

I just knew bouncer, Yus

(now head of security *way to go man) then and apparently, you and your brothers had already noticed us when we were sitting table to table (on the sofas opposite the dj console) on the Tuesday night..

I had my back facing you guys and could not recall any of you since none of you interested me... Emily, my gal pal was roped in with me to go Thumper... after our huge long break since the days of TP Vincent....

Emily and I could recall you because of your unique dress sense and quirky hairstyle moving in and out of the club... Later than I know, that was so as to grab our *my attention... :)

This time, on Friday... I met you...

I recalled making my way to the washroom. When I returned, I found Patrick and you sitting at our table. Emily told me that Patrick came up to her and introduced himself..

I can't really recall what transpired in the conversation between us.. but I remember keying in my phone number in your phone under my now-famous nickname, *Sweetheart* @ Thumper and you buying me a Blue Lagoon...

Peter Fernandez, one of the club's owners, sang "xiao wei".. Yus introed me to him..

That night, Emily went down... way down.. I remember helping her out to the sofa behind the counter..She threw up on me... When I passed her the buff bag and asked her if she wanted to throw up, she declined in her drunken stupor, and puked on me!!

Peter came to help and gave her a rub on the back.. Soon, you guys appeared..

Just a week ago, I got a pair of pink barbie doll slip on from VNC.. as shown below.. While I was attending to Emily, the pink diamond from the shoe came off.. Patrick was kindly attending to Emily and you offered to help me to fix my shoe..

*the pretty pink shoes which I still
have not one but two pairs..*

There were holes in the wooden vertical flooring and I warned you not to lose my diamond in the holes.. You cast my worries aside and said that you could accomplish such an easy task...




My diamond went down...

Way down into the hole.. which was still visible to the eye...

I was mad.....

My pretty princess shoe...

You offered to buy me a new pair

but ...

That was the last pair in my size which I got from the store!!!

Against all odds, you asked me to hand you my shoes ...

The valet got me my other pair of blue strappy shoes from the car and I soon sent Emily back...

We made a date to meet for Halloween celebrations at the club, a first for me!!

October 30th 2004, Saturday.. Venue Thumper Bar...

We barely spoke through the week..

Patrick asked you to throw away my shoes.. what's there to bother for someone whom you'll never meet again??

Strangely enough, fate provided you with the best *exaggerating?* opportunity to see me again..

You went to the VNC shop at city hall... and insisted *demanded* on the same pair of shoes....the salesgirl was stunned at your insistence and you were a head turner among all the office ladies in the shop...

Exactly what I had in mind... *snaps fingers*

To replace the diamond on my shoes with the diamond from the same shoe *half a size bigger ..

You turned up on Halloween...with my shoes in tow.. Yus saved us a high table in front .. Emily dressed as a witch with her brrom from Toys 'R' Us..

*Emily and her broomstick with me in the background

Photo taken by my favourite, David Chin, another owner of the club..

I was impressed and taken aback that you really took the trouble to fix my one week old pinky goldie shoes... :)

Since then on.. we kept contact and partied on..

A week and two days later.. it was to be my 23rd birthday ...

We made a pact to celebrate this good time of mine there... *at TBar - where else*

9th November 2004, Tuesday.. Venue Bar: Thumper, yet again...

Tuesday night, a rare night to party.. Then again, it was my birthday eve...

My guests from left: Jennifer, Joys, Me, Jassica and Emily ... (the only male, Klenn, not in the photo)

I picked Emily from Holland Village and we bought a strawberry chantily cake from BreadTalk...

Unknown to me that orange was your favourite colour, I was decked out in a mini orange halter which I bought with Jas (my momo) a few days ago..

That night, I had a first taste of my cordon bleu... *i still keep the bottle, where the label reads: Sweetheart..

I remember entering the club and being greeted with your pretty bouquet of red roses..

*Pardon the make-up lah.. High already...

You couldn't get 23 red roses that night.. Innovatively, the salesgirl asked you to make up the last flower with a pink rose.. so that before the clock strikes 12, I am 22 and after the clock strikes 12, i am 23...

I was entranced by your loveliness but brushed at it aside..

Your friends trailed in soon after, at your request...

Here's a photo of you, Big Eric, Small Eric and Andy..

We had a blast.. when I hit the loo at close to midnight, u guys pushed me out to cut the cake with the band singing Happy Birthday..

Emily and I were roped in to sing a song...

She chose "Zombie" in the end, as that was the only song she knew how to sing.. *how very appropriate...

And then, to my favourite of the club, I showed off my second tattoo which I just did at Johnny's that morning..

More photos of that night...


Sumhow, I love the photo below.. but I think my parents will flip when they see it!!

We've not looked back since then.. and became better friends than ever.... I sent a message to you saying that I love you that night? that's for the wonderful bday celebration my dear..*don't think least, not then...we * i mean I* look charming though.. But of course, it was my bday, my day to glow.. *WInk


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