Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I sit here physically in the office.
Mentally, psychologically, emotionally and socially I'm alone.
I've hit such an all time low that no one knows where I am. I am sucked into my own world of darkness alone.

Every week, I wonder. why is it that i am confused over us? what went wrong between us? undeniably, we are still unable to reconcile our diferences. i seem to be needy and emotional to you. i don't deny that i have been for the past few months. But i am only human. we keep saying that we will try and try. will our tries ever be enough?

YOU peeps
I'm shocked and surprised at the turn of events. I don't blame. I just still wonder why. Is it me? What did I do? Overnight, the place I dwell at for 5 days a week has turned cold and empty.

Thank you for being there. My little glimpse of light. My loyal royal servant. Although no one knows that you have been all this time here for me. I really appreciate it. Shallow people will never ever understand that there is something so pure between us. Without you, I wouldnt have managed to be strong like now. Your advice is like a difficult pill to swallow but it is because of a person such as you in this earth that I am still able to hang on.

Overnight, i feel i've lost everything. the glass is neither half empty nor half full. it's empty. I'm alone for now.

Cheers to me have a drunk night. I am so looking forward to it. Trust me.


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