Saturday, June 10, 2006

Isn't it time for the truth? Nothing but the truth...

i'm beat.. i'm sick of tired of lying in the dark.. i'm sick of chasing after the truth everyday.. every minute and every second..i'm tired of hearing stories over what you have done, what i do or how i should feel...

if u say that you make it a point to love me with every breath you take.. why are you the one who is hurting me the most?

i'm tired.. i'm even tired of myself.. i even am to the extent of detesting myself.. all my whines, all the things that i do to attract your attention. yes, i find myself childish and i can't believe i stoop so low to disturbing you so that i can garner your attention. it just doesn't make sense. it has got to stop.

probably u didn't realise that all that i did was to attract you sparse attention. but you have a short attention span and too many things surround you which are capable of diverting your attention away from me. is it really that bad? i don't want to be an attention seeker.

you and Georgie told me,"Be careful of what you wish for, it may come true and if it comes true, nothing can change anymore."

i don't know what i wish for... i don't know what you want..

i only feel like if fate can't last then why

all night, all your words just stung repeatedly. whether you used the words "fuck, bloody, get the fuck out of here..." it remains etched deeply in my heart...

if you feel that now you don't have a real gf, one good tattoo is enough and three are too messy and there are other gals who require your attention more than me and that leaves me in no position anywhere to you. then let's please not waste each other's time..

i don't know where i stand in your heart. if you really love or feel you are capable of loving another person and there are people out there you could love, then please go.......... whether or not you think or feel that there could be no one else there to love me then i would say it doesn't matter anymore.. perhaps even being single and blissful could work out for a childish self like me.. it doesn't really matter anymore.

believe me, it hurts me forwards and backwards more than you...


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