Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May's a busy time..

1st. Labour day ... Public Holiday.. Went to Hong Lim with parents to eat.. headed to chinatown.. no buttons to buy for dar.. golden dragon was closed.. bought epoxy glue.. headed home and dozed off.. dar had a meeting with the obnoxious couple.. headed for BK dinner with dar @ his office.. black face had chickee rice.. G stopped over.. there's this new Korean show that blackie watched that was nice "Jin san shun" watched super band and had ben and jerry's cookie dough with dar and gilwin from the 7-11..Black face went out.. watched Lost somemore and headed home...

2nd.. Tuesday.. back to work.. managed to submit one outstanding YA 05 bringing my total outstanding to 5...... still have a long way to go manz... work somemore on my medical company.. had tom yam ban mian soup for lunch with li ching and kaleen.. was a busy with the med co.. sitll not done yet!! headed home early.. walked home and had a gd cooked dinner by my mommy.. spoke to ALM... she's quite cool and nice... dar was bz with some semi-d project and the cavenagh house.. was mid nite by the time he settled down.. think i'm down with a cold.. kept drifting in and out of sleep though i was sure i could remember what dar and i talked about... nana was on leave and brought me the macdonald's seaweed fries.. so sian!!! i like... hehehe


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