Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Looonnggg Weekend...

My weekend began from.. Last wednesday?

I took an hour off from work.. wanted to eat dinner at the Tian Tian Huo Guo with my colleagues. They wanted to try after I had dinner with Dar there..

However, the dog and cow couldn't finish their work and fell sick..

So we didn't go in the end..

I left work only half an hour earlier...

Bought Tori-Q and tako pachi from J8 , got home showered, fetched mom to City hall where she was to meet her overseas guests for dinner with dad @ SRC.. I headed to Dar's office.. G popped by forawhile and Dar's air-conditioner was fixed...

Chatted with Supaman on msn.. then popped by his shop downstairs again.. was really funny...

We gled forawhile before LYL popped by...We finished just in time.. heheheh

Dar went for coffee with LYL, banana man and G.. was kinda late so i decided to head home as i had to work the next day..

Thursday...Eve of good friday!

Work and more work..

Was relieved by the time 1730 came..

Stayed over with dar...


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