Thursday, March 09, 2006

A reply..

"I guess situation changes, nowadays we're just calling, talking and going out with each other for the sake of doing so... it's just not the same anymore."
Do you feel we're only together because it's habitual, it's not a want anymore?
"Judging by how routine our activities are... I guess so."
Can we try again?
"Ok..i guess the flame is diminishing recently, it's time to relight the fire."
Do you want to?
"I want. but i don't wish that it to be a routine plan, it's should happen naturally."
I guess if we make a lil effort, everything should fall in place naturally...
"I think so.:)"
I love you dar, and i know that you love me too. maybe things are not syncchronize because of the things that we do, the time we spent outside of each other, the happenings we used to share, the little things that we do, the lack of romance in the air...


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