Sunday, December 18, 2005

King Kong: The Movie

The show which lasted a good 3 hours and 10 minutes stirred up a great deal of emotions for me..

Boredom (the first part where dar fell asleep)

Scary (the tribal cannibal people)

Disgust (i really went through the motion of wanting to vommit at the scene of the giant water leech swallowing the person's head.. like geoduck.. gross)

Excitement (the thrills of Naomi Watts running away from a T-rex only to be beside the nose of another T-rex, King Kong against 3 T-Rex)

Anger (hate all the T-Rex)

Empathy (for King Kong and Naomi Watts)

Funny (The Jack Driscoll guy [forgot his real name, the pianist guy) with his forlorn expressions of love for Ann [Naomi Watts] and looking like Jughead Jones in Archie comics. King Kong who killed T-Rex by breaking their jaws and opening and closing their jaws like toys after they are dead to test if they are still alive]

Sadness (when King Kong died... when he watched the sunset with Naomi.. magically beautiful)

I love King Kong.. do u guys remember when u were young, ur parents brought you to World Trade or some place where they actually exhibited the real 25 foot gorilla??


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